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Project Description

This project provides a type inteface for the kineticjs library: kinetic.d.ts. Including this file in your TypeScript project will add Intellisense support for the kineticjs library.


  1. Copy the kinect.d.ts file to your project
  2. Add a reference to the kinect.d.ts file at the top of your .ts file eg. /// <reference path="kinect.d.ts" />
  3. Don't forget to reference KineticJS file in your HTML file
  4. Use the KineticJS interface in your .ts file  
    window.onload = () => {
        var rect = new Kinetic.Rect({ width:10,height:10, cornerRadius:5  });



The creation of the interface was a lot of handwork in typing the classes and reading the documentation. Overall I think I got most of it right. But ofcourse I could have made spellingerrors or small errors like required parameters where they should be optional.

If you find such errors please let me know so I can fix em and update the interface.

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